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Emoji's and your brand

We live in a world where the modern audience doesn't have time to invest in words to find out about you. High quality, visually engaging imagery is all we have time for and for businesses that means people aren't investing the time to find out about you by reading your 'About' section on Facebook. They have already formed an opinion of your business based on your Facebook cover, your last Instagram post, that business card you handed over a week ago (that they haven't managed to relocate) and more importantly your logo.

But what do emoji's have to do with all that?

Emoji's are fast becoming the language of the modern audience and that is because they communicate a message without a single word. They connect, create emotion and tell a story in a symbol.

Symbol = Something that represents or suggests something

So if you thought of your logo as an Emoji, what feeling are you creating, what story are you telling?

If you don't feel your logo is communicating and connecting with the modern audience, then you need to consider the services of a professional graphic designer.

A graphic designer doesn't just create a pretty picture for you, a designer listens to your story and finds out who you need to communicate and engage with. Packaging all that into a logo and supporting the story with a style guide that visually communicates your brand through colour, font, imagery and even textures.

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